Darren Hayes New Album “Homosexual”

Former Savage Garden front man Darren Hayes recently made his welcome return to music with his first new songs & album in 11 years!

Titled “Homosexual” it’s a great album full of deep lyrics, 80s sounds & Darren’s unmistakable voice. The album comprises of 14 songs, most of which run over 5 mins long which is a nice change of pace from shorter songs & EPs by most artists these days.

The title & recently released music videos (see above) sees Darren embracing his sexuality which in the past he felt he never could. Being a long time fan of his it’s amazing to see him so happy, having fun in his videos & making great music again.

One of the stand out songs for me is the “All You Pretty Things” a tribute to the victims of the 2016 Pulse shootings. Beautifully sad lyrics along with a dance beat makes it one I’ve had on repeats for weeks!

” All you pretty things
Came here to dance
You came here to find love
And you’re all such pretty things
And you’ll remain pretty things
Until the end of time “

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