Timecop1983 / Whelans / Oct 9th


Timecop1983 / Whelan’s / Oct 9th

Timecop1983’s music is heavily inspired by music from the ’80s and is best described as romantic, cinematic and dreamy. There are many names for the genre but he always likes to label it as Synthwave or Dreamwave.

Listen to “Come Back” to get an idea of his music, which has over 3 Million views on YouTube

Cautious Clay – Dublin – November 8th – Sound House

“Cautious Clay is self-aware. He’s thoughtful and takes his time with words. He also wants to be the best he can be.” – Billboard

Cautious Clay is coming to Dublin!!!!!!! He’s playing The Sound House Friday November 8th! Tickets have only been released priced at only €14.95 + Booking from http://www.ticketmaster.ie

With over 2 million monthly listeners he’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard him before;