Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum Interview

We had a chance to catch up with Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum after their Sold Out Shows in Dublin, Ireland.

1) You’ve a wide range of songs & sounds but I was wondering what song you think captures you guys the best? Or that you’d recommend to someone who hasn’t heard PGTTBM before?  I’d always recommend Airhead to people because of that chorus!

Matthew – I think “Airhead” is a great introduction to our sound. It is heavy, but synth-driven (there are no guitars in it at all), pretty; Beautiful lyrics and soaring vox by Michael; stadium epic rock drums by Peter.

Michael – The Museum has many wings, so it’s hard to pick a single song.  But if I have to curate I’ll make “Eat An Eraser” the central lobby sculpture, subject to seasonal change. 

Peter – I would recommend ‘Love American Style’ as a gateway drug to take before u enter the museum. It’s the first song we wrote together 4 years ago. I’ve been making music for years but I never stumbled into making a song quite like this. I remember when we finished it and all had a listen. We were like. ‘What the fk is this?’ And we didn’t really know, but we all agreed to keep making more of it. 

2) Who were some bands/singers that made you want to start a band/get involved with music? 

Michael – Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kyuss, Sigur Ros, Bowie, Bomba Estereo

Peter – My mom was always playing The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and the original Hair cast recording from Broadway. On repeat nonstop. So I grew up surrounded by harmony, and who didn’t want to be in the Beatles? They made being in a band look like so much damn fun. It always stayed with me. 

Matthew – Prince

3) Is there any moment that you credit that helped get PGTTBM to where you are now? Whether it’s a radio show playing your songs, a specific gig that got the word out about the band? Or anything else that has you now touring across Europe, selling out shows & being so well reviewed.

Peter – I’d say its 4 years of magic moments.  My partners in crime, mike and matt, are always game to be creative, always chasing down songs, always down to put in the work that it takes to grow, and evolve.  Being in a band is a lot of work. It takes a lot of patience and love. It’s been 4 straight years of writing, producing, and hanging out w these 2 inspiring souls. 

Matthew – Releasing our album, playing shows. Also our management (In De Goot) is killing it on our behalf

Michael – So many moments.  Debbie Harry singing me Happy Birthday onstage, during a gig at the Mercury Lounger was pretty fortifying.

4) Any advice you’d give to people starting out? Or anything you think you’d do differently from when you guys started the band? 

Michael – Show up.  Keep showing up.

Peter – Stay with it. Enlist your friends. Even if they are new to music, always make music w people u love, and express yourselves. Don’t do what u think people will think is cool. Do what makes u feel inspired. 

Matthew – Play a lot of shows, write a ton of songs ….. nothing to it but to do it

5) Any songs/bands you’ve had on repeat during this tour? 

Peter – Our opening act ‘Beija Flo’ is a real badass. Her songs are wedged into my brain. She is from the UK, and is a revelation, and her live shows are very fkn real, and I hope we play with her more in the future. 

Matthew – Future Islands, Bedouine, Leonard Cohen

Michael – Ultratop, 2021 release from The Armed, has been a staple.

6) Finally, have you guys got any good memories of being in Ireland? (If you’ve been here before) or have you anything on your To Do List for when you’re here?

Michael – It was a quick strike operation.  The best memories are the shows themselves.  The audiences in Belfast & Dublin were phenomenal.

Matthew – Dublin was a wonderful experience. To play 2 shows for the beautiful Irish fans was so special for us and we felt incredibly welcome. Thank you Dublin!!!!

Peter – The long answer to this is I came here wayyy back on tour with Natalie Merchant. We fell in love with Ireland. One day off we hired a driver to take us out of Dublin and into the sublime country side. We landed in a pub near Co Wicklow where we were told we would finding the ‘ultimate’ pint of Guinness. When we went inside we ran into an old friend of Natalie’s, Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains. And Paddy happened to be sitting with this old hippie/hobo with a white beard named Garech Browne. Paddy told us Garech was an heir to the Guinness family, and we were scratching our heads because he was wearing ripped up clothes, and had an old piece of rope holding up his tattered trousers. We all proceeded to toss back some of the creamiest pints of Guinness u can imagine. Soon Garech invited us all back to his estate in Co Wicklow. The drive into his property was beyond psychedelic. Absolutely stunning land. And there was a specific breed of black deer that can’t be found anywhere else… and he had a sanctuary for them on his land… his house was packed with amazing art and music artifacts. We smoked some of his dope and proceeded to get stoned as hell. He told us all kinds of stories about hanging out with The Rolling Stones, and Bowie, etc. It was an unforgettable day. Still have to pinch myself.

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