Recommended Venue – The Continental Club – Austin, TX


The Continental Club is like the Whelans of Austin, Texas.  It runs a couple of gigs each night & is divided up into two sections.  The Gallery, a small room upstairs that runs mostly acoustic concerts and the main room that usually has full bands play.  Its had a who’s who of people play at it and generally the entrance fee to gigs is around $10.  As the concerts are usually back to back you can just stay in the venue and watch each act play without paying any extra.

For instance when I was there I got to see William Harries Graham, Jon Dee Graham & James McMurtry all play the main room for $10.  Add in that Lonestar beers are $3 (so the more you drink the more you save) and you have all the reasons you need to go to Austin.  So if you’re in or around Texas, or want to plan your calendar around their line up as I have, then you could do worse then go to The Continental Club!

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