R.I.P Tom Petty

I started listening to Tom Petty when I finished secondary school around the time I was 18.  I bought his Through The Years anthology because an artist I liked Pete Droge, had toured with him & said what a big influence he was.  I was shocked how many of his songs I knew without knowing it was him all those years, when I subsequently got into the Travelling Wilburys I knew even more of his songs.



I bought pretty much all his albums from then on & had him on constant rotation.  I got to see him a few years back when he played Dublin & he was fantastic. I arrived back from Canada the day of the show & went from the airport to the show & it was worth every penny.

I’ve never really been sad or down about a musician dying before but for some reason it hit me hard.  When it was prematurely reported he’d died and then word got out that he was alive but in critical condition I stayed up until about 1am constantly refreshing Google News to see if there was any updates & hoping there would be good news.  By the time I woke up at 6am he’d unfortunately passed.

You can see from the tributes from other artists etc what a lovely man he was & how much he influenced people.

Below is a song that I read had been wrote years before but recorded for the first time for the Anthology record, for nearly any other band it would of been one of their best songs & almost certain to be recorded/released as soon as possible but Tom had such an amount of hits it could be held on to for so many years.


“Tales From The Tour Bus” Animated Show



In what seems like a great idea; “Tales From The Tour Bus” an animated Country Music TV show detailing the wildest stories of Waylon JenningsTammy Wynette & others premiered in America the weekend! It’ll have tales from most everyone in country music so in theory in could be a real funny watch



Mark Olson – Whelans Upstairs – Oct 24th

Jayhawks founder Mark Olson is returning to Whelans on Tuesday Oct 24th!!!  Mark is releasing his new album “Spokeswoman Of The Bright Sun” on September 1st on Glitterhouse Records and its some of his best work.  Check out the new video for the single “Dear Elisabeth” featuring Ingunn Ringvold!

Tickets for the Whelans show are only €16.50 including booking available from;



Recommended Listen – Wild Child – “Fools”

Have a listen to this song & see what you think.  Wild Child are a band from Austin, Texas that are on the rise.  So far they’ve released 2 albums and both are worth a listen.  This is a song off the new album & the live video makes it sound even better.

If you like it I’d suggest trying other songs like Crazy Bird, Pillow Talk & Victim To Charm a lovely song about a break up which the fantastic line “Boy, I hear she’s the one crazy how fast you knew once we were done”.

If you like em you can support them here;



Recommended Venue – The Continental Club – Austin, TX


The Continental Club is like the Whelans of Austin, Texas.  It runs a couple of gigs each night & is divided up into two sections.  The Gallery, a small room upstairs that runs mostly acoustic concerts and the main room that usually has full bands play.  Its had a who’s who of people play at it and generally the entrance fee to gigs is around $10.  As the concerts are usually back to back you can just stay in the venue and watch each act play without paying any extra.

For instance when I was there I got to see William Harries Graham, Jon Dee Graham & James McMurtry all play the main room for $10.  Add in that Lonestar beers are $3 (so the more you drink the more you save) and you have all the reasons you need to go to Austin.  So if you’re in or around Texas, or want to plan your calendar around their line up as I have, then you could do worse then go to The Continental Club!